Company Culture

The best companies in the world have strong company cultures: things which make them a fantastic place to work, attract the best employees and drive outstanding productivity.images-36

We’ve all heard of the great perks of working at places like Apple, Google and Microsoft. Games rooms, on-site hairdressers and subsidised massages are just some of the weird and wonderful benefits on offer to employees.
As the owner of a smaller business than those international giants, you’ll be pleased to know there are a few simple things you can do to improve your company culture.

Management: Be open and honest with your employees if you want them to feel trusted, and they will trust you in return. Ensure everything you offer them is above board, from salaries to working hours to time off. Finally, don’t socialise with your employees too much, and don’t stalk their private social media accounts. They need time away from work and that means time away from you.

Complaints: If one of your employees raises an issue with something in your practice, don’t be tempted to play the blame game. Instead, listen to their concerns, ensure you have understood exactly what they are saying, and update them once you have dealt with it. If you feel their complaint is unjustified, or you are unable to resolve it, tell them why. Again, be as honest as you can. If you are getting repeated complaints about another employee, think carefully: is that person failing to pull their weight and dragging the practice down? It may be time to begin the disciplinary procedure.

Rewards: When someone goes beyond the call of duty, it’s only right they should be rewarded – but that doesn’t mean you have to splash out. For example, if they have stayed late to solve a problem, ensure they make up for it with an afternoon off. However, don’t forget to praise those employees who never need to stay late because they predict and avoid every crisis.

Look at these three areas of your practice and see how you could create a great company culture – without an in-house hairdresser!


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