The chatty team member who comments on everything….

I am in Aldi doing my shopping -I struggle when shopping in Aldi as I am a major fan of many of the products they sell, but I do have to swallow hard at the service, especially at the checkout.

Normally the only conversation that happens from the checkout assistant in my experience is “Card or Cash” However today the rather chirpy assistant was gassing to the man in front of me.

I thought at first how nice this was, until I tuned into my ears into the conversation. The assistant was actually talking about the pitch of voice of the last male customer and how high it was! Laughing out loud with the customer about how it did not match his manly body.  The customer laughed awkwardly but said nothing.

I started to sweat thinking ‘what the hell will he think of my voice’!!! For those that don’t know me it is similar to Alan Carr! So I gulped hard when it was my turn and with the deepest voice I could muster said “Morning” and the word “Card”.

The message behind my story is if you talk about other patients to your patients, or in-front of patients in a waiting area then these patients might smile at you, but what are they really thinking?

As a front desk professional you are representing your brand at all times so do think before you speak -someone is always listening.

You also need to make sure that you do not have any team members that are like this. Often they are commenting on everything because they do not like a silence, they end up either annoying people with the non stop chatter or they are offensive to others.



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