What can you learn from the mature team?

When we work with practices there is usually a real mix in ages of the team.

The mature team members always say “Laura you cannot teach an old dog new tricks”. They are not being negative, just unrealistic.

Lets look at the front desk teams. The long standing team members are usually excellent in this area, they do not cause problems with systems, they usually want more systems to support them! And more often than not they want help with verbal skills in the same way the rest of the team do.

As well as helping practices with verbal skills I really enjoy enhancing the patient experience.

This is where the mature team really excel as for them it is often a case of going back to basics.

An example of this is counting cash back. Confused faces usually stare at me when I discuss “counting cash back”. Followed by giggles when I say how rude it is to dump cash into someones hand and expect them to check the change!

This is old skool. This is one tiny example of fantastic customer service that the mature team can quickly teach to everyone else.

If you are wanting to enhance your customer service experience then do speak to all of your team and find out what ideas they have.




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