The branding of the front desk team

A common conundrum in dental practice – to provide a uniform or not and how should it look?

In my opinion the front desk team should be fully branded. They should be provided with a uniform that includes shoes.

Sometimes the front desk can feel left out, disconnected even, from the clinical time.

It is awful to work in a practice where there is a receptionist vs nurse vibe.

The nurses get to go on courses, maybe an ex-nurse who works on the desk is always being dragged into surgery as the front desk doesn’t matter, the nurses leave first and the front desk are left to mop up the patients at the end of the day.

A list of reasons for there being a problem can go on and on.

I alway feel one step in resolving this issue is to brand the front desk team. The uniform does not have to be clinical, at all, but it can be on brand.

Shoes – I know you may be reading the above text and wondering what planet am I on; I am sane and have valid reasons for saying shoes should be provided! Simply put it is no good having a team in lovely uniforms and then have them wear £2 shoes that fall apart and stink!

Makeup is also important. You do not want the party face at work. It is not appropriate. I have seen it many times and it can be quite scary!

Foundation, mascara and blusher should be worn as a minimum and a natural eye shadow, thin eyeliner and lippy are appropriate if preferred by the team member.

If you have a team member that wants to get up early, fully contour their face and wear lots of makeup but it looks natural then that is ok.

Lastly hair is very important, how do you want hair to be worn on the front desk?

The desired look is a fresh one, even if the front desk team are run ragged and stressed to the hilt – we need them to have an appearance that reflects excellence!


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