Book review – self development

I asked a couple of weeks ago on Facebook for your ideas for my weekly topics. One reply was Mr Grey – the main character from 50 shades of grey, the book everyone is talking about and reading ( I have read all 3)

I thought I would spend this week focusing on self development, and start by giving you reviews of books I recommend.

The first one is One Minute Manager:

This is a short, easy to read book that helps you to understand some great principals of people management.

Its for anyone who is responsible for a team, you may be a TCO, lead nurse or practice owner – this book is not just for practice managers!

It explains how to praise people for a job well done, and how to correct them for poor performance, and these simple tips are easy to start using straight away!

It’s a must read and only takes around an hour!

My top tip:

Don’t buy a brand new copy get a second from amazon for less than £1

Laura Horton

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