Barbie’s 28 million views

I don’t recall being fascinated by Barbie as a girl. I was a tom boy at heart and never really liked those blonde dolls with pink cars.c44eaf0c3607a1cf3729896920addace

As an adult Barbie brought out some feminist thoughts – we won’t go there today!

Last week I saw an amazing advert by Barbie. I couldn’t believe it was by Barbie! I was even more impressed to see it was released in October 2015 and has had over 28 million views!

The brand message and marketing of “Barbie” in this advert is fantastic.

It shows the power of branding and how with a clever thought through message, companies can change their brand message and how they are perceived in a click of a finger.

If you are attracting the wrong patients and giving out the wrong message, you to can change this.

Watch the Barbie advert and you see how in less than 2 minutes they have changed my view of brand Barbie.



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