Bad language

Words are important. From website copy to social media, every time a company uses flickr-wordswords it is projecting a particular image about itself – so how do so many businesses manage to get it wrong? Here are three top tips to ensure you’re making the most of your written communication.

1. Keep it simple: For some reason, many perfectly intelligent people suddenly lose all sense when it comes to writing copy for their business. They feel they have to use long, impressive words and complicated phrases to give the right impression – but usually, the opposite is true. If you can use one simple word or phrase, do it! Pretentious words alienate people; a simple, clear message will be more effective.

2. Remember your audience: When you spend all day working in a particular industry, or dealing with business leaders, you can unknowingly slip into using jargon which is absolutely meaningless to anyone else. Be honest: do you say things like “touch base”, “paradigm shift” and “let’s take this discussion offline?” While they may sound impressive in the boardroom, they have very little value to ordinary people – and it’s likely those ordinary people are your potential new patients.

3. Don’t over sell: It’s easy to get wrapped up in sounding impressive when you’re writing for your business – but that can leave people feeling disappointed with the actual experience. Instead of promising the earth, offer a realistic (but glowing!) insight into what your practice offers.

If you’re worried about what your written communication says about your practice, test it out on trusted friends and contacts who will give you an honest opinion – and who don’t use business or technical jargon themselves.

Above all, remember that your strengths lie in running the practice. If you aren’t a good copywriter, there are numerous professionals out there who can help. As well as saving you time and freeing you up to work on other areas of the business, it’s likely they will make your marketing more effective, which will bring you more patients – and isn’t that what it’s all about?
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