An easy mistake to make

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On Wednesday the 6th January 2011 I had an opticians appointment. I had arranged it the day before, it was a recommendation from the local practice nurse as a good independent optician. At the weekend I had walked past it and liked the frontage  (the Tiffany display in the window helped to tick the extra box that was required).

I turned up, they took my details, which annoyed me because I had given them my details the day before (but I didn’t say anything), had my appointment, ordered some fab glasses and went home.

Thereafter I had two messages left for me, both from the opticians asking why I hadn’t attended. I thought that it was very odd, compared my receipt to the optician I had called from and would you believe it – I had gone to the wrong opticians.

Now, I have lived in my small market town for over 20 years and walk along this road every week, but did not know that there were two opticians.

So after this confusion they have rung me twice and left messages and now text me as I write this asking me to rebook!

I have replied explaining the mistake and offered them some feedback.

BUT could this be you? Do you have other dental practices near to you that could be pinching your clients? How well do your front desk team confirm and ensure that no time is wasted in your diary? After all as a new client it is an easy mistake to make!

Laura Horton

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