An amazing result I have to share

I have to say that I really am not one to blow my own trumpet. I know I have to, and should do more of it but it is not something I do day in and day out.

I am a bit of a hypocrite really, I harp onto dentists about ‘selling themselves’ and don’t do it myself. Even when giving presentations I prefer to play slides and music to tell my story rather than stand there and speak about myself. Guess this is a typical of the brits!

Today I am not blowing my own trumpet but someone else’s.

I completed my Treatment coordinator implementation, I had spent to days with the team in their practice, and 21 hours later I received this email:

You are gonna be like a proud momma when I tell you what I just did!
I did my initial 15 mins brought the client up to XX and sat with her and then he did a tx plan and came down and we did an options meeting.
She just booked in treatment worth 15,950!

So she is booked and gave XX a hug she was so happy! Bless her

Big hugs missy

Laura Horton

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