Leanna Best

Leanna’s career in Dentistry began in 2005. Starting her career in general practice and then moving into Orthodontics. Leanna says her educational journey and personal development really began in 2014 when she joined a cosmetic and implant clinic as a dental nurse. Leanna remains a GDC registrant however her capacity is now as a Treatment Coordinator, she is fully utilised clinically and non-clinically.


“I love my role as a TCO, supporting dentist/clinicians, building real relationships with our patients, and helping them achieve their desired goal with their teeth mouth and smile.”

It was clear when I first started working with Dr Gerrard, that he was like no other dentist I had ever worked with. The treatment was much more advanced, and I learned more every week.

After a couple of years, I was offered an opportunity to move into the treatment coordinator position. I took on the role and was given full training with Laura Horton. Laura attended our clinic to train us many times in the first year. It was a great comfort that my employer wanted to invest in me by paying for my training. Later I completed Laura’s level three diploma in treatment coordination.”

In 2018 Laura asked Neil if any of the team would be interested in lecturing with her. Neil put me forward and I have not looked back. Thanks to his support and belief in me I have had the opportunity to work alongside Laura Horton, initially by supporting Laura in lectures and quite quickly I started co-presenting at full-day lectures, lecturing at conferences for Laura and since 2022 supporting clients directly with consultancy and training – this is something that I wanted to do from the first training session that Laura provided for our practice. Being able to teach other treatment Coordinators to implement the role in its entirety creates a great sense of achievement.”

Outside of work, Leanna devotes her time to her daughter Drew and son Desi.   Like many, family is everything to Leanna; she spends most of her free time with family and closest friends. Leanna also credits the gym to her healthy mindset.

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