A super busy week and it’s not over yet!

This week must be the first in a long time where I have have been absent from social media, no topics or posts in comparison to normal.

The reason for this is that I have been busy every day and every evening with a wonderful practice from down under.

There are the most wonderful people 3 partners, and 2 of their team members and I have enjoyed working and socialising with them.

I arrived on Monday in Manchester, we are based here as their practice manager is from Manchester so she is tying this trip in with her friends and family. The weather has been dire – non stop rain!

On Monday night we went out for dinner, we ate in a restaurant that was great and the food was knew to all of us. On Tuesday we went to a practice and loaned a surgery for the day to complete the wow examinations programme.

The practice was closing at 4 and we ran over so finished the training over a beer in the city centre, we then decided to go to tiger tiger for dinner – but the restuarant was closed as it was freshers week!  We dashed across the road to pizza express instead.

On Wednesday we had a lovely meeting room in the city and worked through the practices systems, management, marketing and hygiene centre and then we went to Jamies Italian for dinner.

Today I have been shopping in Manchster and have some great stories to write about – watch out for posts in the coming weeks.

So tonight I am relaxing in my apart hotel (which is amazing) and tomorrow we all going to my TCO for beginners workshop where others delegates will be attending also!

After that I have a 4.5 hour drive home!

So just in case you have been wondering what I have been doing this week – now you know!

Laura Horton

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