A nice welcome from a treatment coordinator

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Yesterday I spent the day having a one to one session with a Treatment Coordinator.

This session called The Advanced Treatment Coordination Programme.

I observe the TCO live with patients and take her to the next level.

When I arrived at this practice the Treatment Coordinator greeted me an offered me a cup of tea straight away and had gone out of her way to buy me decaf tea bags.

I was bowled over by this, she had remembered that I drank decaf and had it ready for me to drink.

When little things like this happen it makes me remember that I am very lucky to work with team members that have the same love and passion for their jobs as I used to when I worked in practice, and in moments like that I yearn to be working in practice again surrounded by people that have passion and energy and go the extra mile for everyone, including their team.

But even though the lovely people I meet week in week out get me thinking about the good old days of being part of a fabulous team (Kathy, Emma, Suzanne – we rocked!) I wouldn’t change a single thing. As I now reflect on this weeks treatment coordinator programmes that I have completed I know I am very lucky to not only meet such great people, but lucky to be able to give them a passion for their work and the jobs that they do.

Laura Horton

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