A light bulb moment and being unique

On a cold weekend in London in January I came to realise exactly what Tony Laura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)Gedge does.

I know he runs a marketing company for dentists, but while listening to his clients talk about their success and ROI, it confirmed for me that all of these practices have stood out and been unique. This is what Tony encourages. Stand out be different and be proud to go away from the norm and the uniformed appearance – be the talk of your town.

These practices are doing things differently and are being noticed, talked about, and have new patients coming through their doors that are spending money on private treatments.

Do the patients think the practice is unprofessional – NO. They think it is a fun practice to attend and different.

Are the team involved in the marketing activity – YES, and they are happy in their jobs too (which is clear to see when you meet them). What patient wants to go to a practice where the team clearly do not like their jobs?!!

I knew when I was setting up my business I had a unique service to offer.  I knew it worked in UK dental practices as I had performed the role myself for many years (and I was taught by of some of the best people in the USA – then adapted it to suit the Brits!)

So please be unique, be different and have a personality that prospective patients can see – just have FUN.

Laura Horton

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