Style and substance

Michael and I went to the open air theatre in Regents Park at the weekend. We booked to see Jesus Christ Superstar. When we were seated the stage was just a stage and with metal contraptions with the musicians at the top. I wasn’t expecting much.

The actors however, gave a performance of a lifetime with Jesus getting a standing ovation midway into act 2. All they had was a stage, a few props they brought on themselves. The props added wow factor but did not draw my attention away from the actors.

The actors gave the energy, the experience and I am desperate to go back before it ends in September! I am a raving fan.

This has left me thinking about dental practices over the weekend and style and substance. Two essential ingredients of a successful business.

Many practices spend small fortunes on creating wow factor, a unique design with excellent interior design. Outstanding team uniforms and huge attention to detail of everything! The patients should be bowled over every time they come in and really feel that they the fees reflect the building and environment they are being treated in.

The wow factor in your business should be coming from your team, not your building. If you have both then you are in a great place.

Here is what you do need to do with the businesses appearance:

  • Clean!! Every where, every day. Invest in cleaners
  • Modern – there is no point investing in a scanner if you have an uncomfortable chair or a torn chair that looks like it has seen better days.
  • Fresh paint – once a year and daily touch ups of areas marked by patients.
  • A very modern (if fitting the the building) bathroom for the patients. Fresh, clean, nice tiles and of course lovely disposable hand towels and soft ‘quality’ toilet roll.
  • De-clutter everywhere, keep everything pristine
  • Fresh signage in and out of the practice
  • Branded uniforms for everyone – and shoes that you choose. Not cheap £5 ones from Primark.

Lastly the feel of the practice is important so I would invest in:

  • Music – ambience is extremely important.
  • Scent – the same scent everywhere you walk as a patient.

The rest of the WOW should come from the patient experience and the people that you hire.

The actors in Jesus Christ Superstar did it all on their own with a few props for effects. They had the training, the rehearsals and every single day they deliver more than what is expected. If you do not have a team that do wow, why have a building that can?

You need to have both style and substance to have a successful business.