Why your practice manager should not be the practice problem solver

This may seem like a strange blog post title for you to read, you may think I have gone mad or have a typo! I can guarantee you that your practice manager should not be the practice problem solver.

If they are, then they will not be as efficient as you really want them to be.

Practice owners want their practice managers to be efficient, proactive and usually they want them to be working on the business.

If the team rely on the manager to solve all the problems such as:

  • The printer has a jam, has run out of ink…
  • There is a lightbulb out
  • There is no petty cash to buy new light bulbs

You have a frustrated manager.

I see too many practice managers running around like headless chickens dealing with reactive tasks. The practice manager should be supporting the team with their development rather than being the problem solver for the team.

Every team member should be encouraged to make the decisions for themselves so you do not rely on the practice manager to be the problem solver for everyone!