Dental Photography Training

Dental Photography

Photography is a powerful tool in a practice and the entire GDC registered team should be able to take high quality digital photographs of your patients.

When using digital photography, it is important that you have a system that everyone can follow.

We often find in practices that the camera location is unknown or that the camera is so full of photographs it is impossible to know which dentist they all belong to, let alone the patient’s name!

There are three reasons for taking photographs of your patients:

1. Documentation

  • The ideal standard for every patient you treat
  • Helps to aid good record keeping
  • The photos should be taken before treatment commences
  • Can report pathological changes
  • Helps to avoid disputes between the dentist and patient

2. Communication

  • Helps to communicate issues with hard and soft tissues in an easier way
  • Great for shade matching
  • Helps to increase the lab results you achieve
  • Aids co-diagnosis with your patients

3. Marketing

  • Useful tool so patients can understand options available
  • You can build a portfolio which is very powerful
  • Patients like to see the results you can achieve
  • Advertising and website

When it comes to using your photographs for marketing purposes, you must be taking photographs of the highest possible standard.

Photographs which are out of focus, too dark, badly framed or not showing the true excellence of the clinical treatment will not impress potential patients. A clear, sharp and bright photograph of a beautiful smile can make a real impact.

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