Business Development

Are you an owner who is looking to maximise the true potential of your practice?

Are you an owner who has a vision but is overwhelmed with where to start?

Are you wanting a work / life balance and or looking to gain financial control of your business?

We can help you without overwhelming you and without making you work any harder, we only make our clients work smarter by ensuring they have the right people around them to create the vision for their business.

We have strict work life balances and support our clients by helping them to have the same, in fact most of our clients end up working less and earning more!

We can help you to:

  1. Implement the vision that you have for your business
  2. Prioritise the aspects of the vision that you need to implement and the time frame in which to do so
  3. Create a work / life balance
  4. Set your fees and hourly rates
  5. Develop your sales strategy and amazing systems for your team to follow
  6. Retain your team
  7. Have financial control through budgets, KPIs and savings
  8. Create a marketing plan for the business
  9. Coach you to keep momentum and goal achievement
  10. Provide virtual support to your business by email and telephone in-between practice visits and coaching calls

Laura and Michael have both managed successful private practices and have been working with dentists and their managers for many years to support them with their business development.

We believe that, in order for a practice to be successful, it needs a focused company culture, which balances effective business principles with a real passion for dentistry and a committed dental team. The success of your business is based upon seven key areas:

  1. The effective business map
  2. Financial systems
  3. Clinical and non clinical systems
  4. HR
  5. Effective sales systems
  6. The raving fans experience
  7. World class marketing

We work with you to allow your business to grow in order to compete successfully in a crowded market.

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