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Horton Consulting was born from a love of Dentistry

Laura Horton has always been passionate about an outstanding patient experience and supporting nervous patients through treatment.

In her last employment Laura was lucky enough to work with a wonderful man Dr Ashish Parmar who supported the ideas and implementation of ideas for the benefits of the patients’ and the team. Dr Parmar was proud to offer world class clinical treatment and required a patient experience to support his Dentistry. Ash believed in Laura and this then inspired her to start up a business to help other Dental practices across Europe to develop their patient experience.

Laura’s knowledge and experience in managing successful practices allows her to share with you the special ingredients required to develop a fantastic company culture, which will not only reignite your passion for your business, but will:

Increase Revenue
Transform Patient Satisfaction
Improve Employee Retention

If you want to turn your business around, we can help. We do this without the need for new products, services, or team members. Our advice can help put practices on the right track for sustainable, long-term growth and success.

We have a 3 step approach to support our clients to ensure long term success of the systems we implement:



We listen, observe, and assess your business. We may find problems but we are here to inspire you and never put you down.



We train your team so they can support the business and patient experience development.



We support you and your team so that momentum is kept and goals are achieved.

And this is why Horton Consulting is a company that is dedicated solely to the dental profession to enhance dental businesses through their patient experience and business management training or a combination of both!

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A unique platform with a hybrid approach to training treatment coordinators.

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