Leadership today in your dental business. Covid -19. 17th March

As I type this we currently have no advice from the government, associations either. 09.56 GMT

Later today Boris will announce financial plans to support us. The people and businesses of the UK.

Every single person is right now concerned, worried and fearful.

What can you do today for your team?

  1. Meet and listen
  2. Understand the concerns
  3. Show empathy
  4. Do not make promises that you do not intend to keep or have no way of knowing that you can keep
  5. But do promise that you will doing everything you can in your power to support everyone emotionally, financially as long as you can and update everyone as everything changes.

Management –

You feel the same as your team, I know that.

The financial concerns are unreal right now. You may well employ 22 staff. The worry for them only adds to your worry.

Meet, talk, try to stay positive when we are left without knowing what on earth to do.

Support each other as a management team.

Contingency plans are now in effect and if you have not made one today is the day.

How long can you pay your staff for? If you were to only see emergency patients what income is this bringing in? Work out the average treatment spend. 1 patient £100 or £800 per treatment average? Are you going to have the dentists speak on the phone to the patient so then they maybe able to advise of options and costs and time needed when the patient comes in? This will allow for complete treatment rather than temporary.

Self employed – most likely the worst to be hit by this crisis in my opinion. What are you doing here? If you have multiple dentists for example who is going to be working? The owner(s)?

Draw up your plans and plan 2 daily meetings with everyone as a team as of today so you are able to update and confirm changes as soon as the happen.

In a time of criss excellent leadership is needed and with that comes reassurance and ability to listen to show that your team really are so very important to you.




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