Answers to questions we are being asked about Furlough this week

Many practices are taking the government up on the furlough scheme, which is a good thing to be doing at this time to protect your business and your valued team members.

The top questions we are being asked are:

1) How do I calculate Furlough?

There is a job retention calculator to help you from the GOV.UK website or contact your accountants to support you see link below.…/

The portal was open from yesterday here is the link if you have not claimed for March and April as yet.…/claim-for-wages-through-the-coronaviru…

2) Do I need to confirm Furlough in writing to my team members?

Yes you do need to confirm furlough in writing and you need two copies of an appropriate letter that confirms that the team member is on furlough and they are unable to participate in work for the practice. 1 letter remains with the team member and 1 goes into their HR file.

Here is a link to ACAS furlough letter template – if you have HR support then you may have templates already that you have already used.

3) Can my team members work for me whilst they are on furlough?

In short NO, and you need to make sure that team members have confirmed that they are not working for you whilst they are on furlough. The government will have 5 years to investigate furlough grants, so do not bend the rules you do not want repercussions down the line. You can however provide two things.

1) Keep in contact with the team to keep them up to date with what you are doing as a business and check on everyones welfare. Our recommendation is that you do one to one meetings with each staff member once a week and a weekly briefing. If team members cannot attend then be reasonable there will be situations that prevent team members from attending so investigate on a one to one and be pragmatic.

I have done a webinar for Practice Plan called “bridging the gap” which has a how do to a “One to One” meeting the link below is to their amazing resources centre and you will discover my webinar plus a host of resources.

2) The team can do enhanced CPD/training to keep them up to date – I did a live webinar last Friday on how to do an enhanced CPD session, which we will send a link out for in the next coming days for you to watch so keep an eye out.

4) How do I stay on top of furlough and where do I go for questions?

Laura and I are keeping up to date so you can send questions in a like to day give you some advice from what we have picked up. However we have two further recommendations.

1) Sarah Buxton does a wonderful live session with Chris Barrow on Facebookevery Monday at 1pm answering questions you have on your furlough situation which you can then re listen to, they are as Chris would say a mastermind on furlough.

2) Martin Lewis is also great at advice, not specific to dental but he explains things very clearly so you can check out his website to.

We hope that helps you all

Laura and I wish you a wonderful Tuesday.


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