Why holidays are a problem

By the end of June 2017 I had planned my diary until January 2019. How far ahead have you planned your diaries? One thing that really annoys me in practice is patients being cancelled all because clinicians are unorganised. I am sure there has been the occasional mistake where dates were meant to be booked […]

How to decimate your brand in a few hours

You work hard on your brand message, on the experience that you offer to your patients and then without knowing you destroy it at least once a month. How? By opening at evening and weekends.   I recently went to a local children’s play centre on a Saturday afternoon. I go there frequently, it’s great […]

Pop on your positive HR sunglasses – Part 2

In my last blog I suggested that you pop on your positive HR sunglasses! To read the post click here Here is part 2! Last time we covered weekly one to one meetings, a set open door policy, back to work interviews, meetings, setting cultures and avoiding grievances. So lets get our shades on with my […]

Pop on your positive HR sunglasses! Part 1 

Pop on your positive HR sunglasses Part 1  HR is given a bad name, it is always perceived as a negative but actually you need to put your positive HR sunglasses on and select the pair that is going to make you look and feel fantastic. I want to share with you the good HR […]

Is Leadership a skill?

We proudly help practices to develop their business and their teams. Many have concerns that their ‘team are not board’ ‘the team keep leaving’ ‘the team are nine- fivers’ ‘gosh how do you find great staff’?’ The majority of these concerns are caused by one fundamental skill  – leadership. Leadership is a skill and you […]

Are systems only for corporates? 

This is a question I get asked a lot! More questions or statements usually follow such as: “why do I need them? I am not in a corporate, I don’t want to be in a corporate or feel like a corporate” When we discuss systems so many practice owners and managers feel that systemising the […]

Rainy day’s

My Nan brought me up as a lad and she was always going on at me to save for a rainy day “If you haven’t got it you cannot spend it, that’s the rule with money!” I know times have moved on but they were very wise words. I am a spender by nature, my […]

The greedy marketer 

I frequently witness what I term as ‘greedy marketing’. Just this morning I was popping into Tesco and saw this advert on the board outside – a perfect example greedy marketing! Let me explain: A key part of marketing is to know your target audience and to market to them. Greedy marketing is where you […]

The latest Horton Hangout!

Horton Hangouts are LIVE question and answer sessions that are streamed to our Youtube channel and delivered by us at events and Horton courses. Ask us anything in relation to the business of Dentistry and we shall give you our advice! Here is the latest Horton Hangout where we answer questions on: 1 Dealing with […]

The little things really do matter

I stay in many hotels in my role as a consultant and last week I stayed in a hotel in Cheltenham. The meet and greet was perfect! The front desk professional came straight out to my car with a firm handshake and beaming smile introduced herself as Jenny. I was assisted with my bags and […]