The (almost) digital detox

In June I took a two week break, on my first day back I planned a light day of coaching calls with clients, a podcast recording and answering emails, no projects or prep. I had a wonderfully relaxed day in the office and went home feeling relaxed still and happy. I was so relaxed and […]

The two week break

The mention of two weeks off to managers and owners results in jaw dropping facial expression! I am an advocate for a 2 week break and here is why…. I have now been having a 2 week break, twice a year for 3 years and I know I am reaping the benefits physically and mentally. […]

How not to promote a team member

Each month we speak to numerous clients (or potential new ones) that are looking to create new roles in their business. It is always an exciting time. Every person this year has the person in mind, has talked to the team member about it and are ready to move this ‘A star’ person (that you […]

Why I know this is the best ‘awards’ to enter

There are quite frankly too many awards to enter and they cost a huge amount of money. Every client asks me should they enter, do patients take notice, and is it all worth it? Every ceremony is a guaranteed good night night out but many are left disappointed not to mention skint from a huge […]

Top tips to enhance your patient experience

Here is the video I posted the other day… in case you missed it!     Laura

This snow business…. enough already!!

I don’t know about you but the forecast snow is already driving me crazy! As always the media are creating a snow man out of a few flakes and this is causing stress and having impacts on practices already: Patients are cancelling appointments The team are thinking they might be sent home   Here in […]

Can the practice manager be the treatment coordinator?

This is a question that we are asked every week! Both Michael and I were practice managers and treatment coordinators, the trick with it is: Expectations Time management To do both roles I firmly believe that you have to be a full time team member. 3 days are to be allocated to the management role […]

When the team aren’t ready

For the last two Sundays I have been to my local M&S simply food for opening at 10am. I have joined the queue at 9.55am and then once inside I have gone straight for the cafe. Each week the cafe was shut. I join another queue. Then a rushed team member runs in and moves […]

Top tips to retain your team

This is a conversation that I love as it shows the owners really want to show the team how much they do appreciate them and want to know how to do more! Here is a new video for you to watch full of tips to help you retain your team! Laura  

You can crack it

A client of mine has been through a tough 12 months. They had a long standing team and one by one they left for various reasons, one to study H&T, one moved away etc. I call this the circle of the dental team and it does happen to every business every 7 years or so. […]