5 Mistakes you might be making managing your business

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Ready Steady Bake!

I am sure like me, that some of you were wondering what “ The Great British Bake Off” would be like on Channel 4. In less than 30 seconds, I was very happily sitting back watching one of my favourite programmes, which still has the same familiarity that I was used to, with a different […]

Now the kids are back to school

My god children are always excited to be getting back to school and this year was no different. The start of a brand new year is so important and it has has to be be prepared for on both sides of the school gate.  Just a few weeks ago parents were getting ready: school uniforms, […]

What can a Treatment Coordinator do?

I am happy to share with you a vision plan for the TCO role! We have been using the vision plan for many years to enable us to prioritise the areas of importance when working with a practice on the implementation of the Treatment Coordinator role. Take a look and talk to your team – […]

Body language on the telephone

I was going through my old theatre notes from drama school the other day and came across the importance of body language in communication. I had highlighted the percentages of the importance of the three main facets of communication these are: Words 7% important Tone 35% Important Body Language 58% Important I have always been […]

Style and substance

Michael and I went to the open air theatre in Regents Park at the weekend. We booked to see Jesus Christ Superstar. When we were seated the stage was just a stage and with metal contraptions with the musicians at the top. I wasn’t expecting much. The actors however, gave a performance of a lifetime […]

Tips for the front desk team – handling clinical conversations

I love working with the front desk teams, I love to share grass roots knowledge and help the team becomes masters of communication. Often the team who are non-clinical feel inadequate at handling new patient phone calls as they do not have a clinical background. They long to be like the ex-nurse who can talk […]

The abundant leader

Leaders are often misunderstood by their team. Most commonly when it comes to recruitment. They can be seen as a leader who is: Putting anyone into a role to fill a gap Trying to save money, time and hassle by not recruiting and promoting a team member instead Going for the quick fix However, I […]

Whats up with WhatsApp

A couple of months ago a practice owner asked me to join the practice ‘WhatsApp” group. I laughed while replying with one word – NO. To be honest I thought he was joking. Turned out he was not. I then had to spend time explaining how I was there to help with the big picture […]

The latest rat trap – social media bloggers and free treatment

I am becoming increasing worried as I hear more about practices being offered free PR in exchange for free treatment. I have been there – Z list celebs and journalists wanting free treatment in exchange for promoting you. Now life has changed as they snap chat about it, insta about it and LIVE about it. […]