FOB – fear of blogging, and dental practices do not need to blog

I am coming into contact with a huge number of managers and owners who have FOB. Yesterday was day 6 of our management course. The final day that is spent with me learning about marketing. Blogs are of course covered. Everyone in the group yesterday felt the same about blogging. The most common concerns are: […]

Why your follow up conversion rate may be lower this month

It’s the month that the self-employed of the UK dread, and this year it is even worse for company directors. Tax month! When you are following up with people this month and their job title says  “company director” do not be surprised if they do not want to go ahead with their treatment. Make sure […]

Understanding what the term ‘salary’ means and why so many have it wrong

Salary – an excellent way of paying people as it is good for the employee and the business. I was once paid a salary and the communication and understanding from that practice of what a salary was, was wrong. I was told it meant this was my fee for working per year, I would be […]

Radio 1 and mental health

I have to take my hat off to BBC radio 1 and 1 Xtra for supporting mental health awareness with their news and Iplayer programmes this week. Mental health issues have become much more prevalent over the last few years and the media have been a huge help.  It has been 7 months since Mental […]


Reminiscing about what you used to do and do not do anymore. Reminiscing about the good old days and how things were. If this is you, you can get ‘things’ back to how they used to be, you can have the old days back in your buisness life. Yes legislation and regulation is here, this […]

The low energy team member

This one is tricky! These team members are not negative people, they are: loyal consistent usually great at their job perhaps a bit slow to complete tasks on occasions. Yet they lack energy and therefore their negative energy does flow onto others in the business. They are fine to be around unless you are perhaps […]

The 2018 practice owner and manager

With only a few weeks until 2018 ekk, it is a good time for owners to design their business day and for managers to design their working week for a proactive 2018. Many practice owners and managers ask us to help them design their day / working week so I thought I would share our […]

Why your practice manager should not be the practice problem solver

This may seem like a strange blog post title for you to read, you may think I have gone mad or have a typo! I can guarantee you that your practice manager should not be the practice problem solver. If they are, then they will not be as efficient as you really want them to be. […]

Why you need a recruitment budget and you need to be clear about it!

Have you ever interviewed someone and found out at the end that you cannot afford them? It is really disappointing for all. If you have taken someone on and feel uncomfortable knowing that you are paying them more than your team that is wrong. If you are having trouble recruiting as you do not pay […]

The best time to delegate..

Outsourcing is key to success, we all know this but many struggle with the concept. They are called “micro managers” in practice life usually are not micro managers. They are emotional people who feel bad about asking others to help them when they know they are so busy themselves. I love to outsource, the most […]